Beers, Ciders, Spirits

Beers, Ciders, Spirits

Amstel 1870 (4.1%)
Our classic, golden Amstel Beer, with its very distinctive and mildly bitter taste, has over the years become well known beyond the borders of its native country.

Birra Moretti (4.6%)
Birra Moretti
A bottom fermented beer with a golden colour. This colouring is a result of the type of malt used in brewing. The best raw materials are used to make Birra Moretti, as well as a special blend of high quality hops that gives it a unique taste and fragrance, enhancing its perfectly balanced bitter taste.

Fosters (4.0%)
A pleasant, fruity, lighter-styled quaffing lager A light-coloured lager style, it presents full malt character with a balanced clean hop bitterness. Combined with a slightly hoppy, but yeasty/malty nose, Foster’s lager is a full bodied beer with excellent drinkability.

Guinness Draught (4.2%)
Rich and creamy. Distinctive, Ruby Red colour. Velvety in its finish. This iconic beer was developed in 1959 and launched as a celebration of the 200 years anniversary of Arthur Guinness signing his 9,000-year lease. Aroma: Sweet smelling with a coffee and malty nose. Flavour: Perfect balance of bitter and sweet with malt and roast characters. Palate: Smooth, creamy and balanced.

Heineken (5.0%)
Brewing beer is a 100% natural process. Heineken beer is made from the purest ingredients. The resin from the female hop flower cones is used to help balance the sweetness of the barley with a refreshing bitterness.

Bulmer’s Original (4.5%)
Well-balanced and medium-sweet flavour of Bulmer’s Original Cider.

Old Mout Cider (4.0%)
Inspired by the great outdoors, an adventurous blend of apples and exotic, unusual fruits produce this choice fruit cider. Try Old Mout Cider’s four adventurous flavours. And save a Kiwi in the process…

Strongbow (4.5%)
Strongbow gets its distinctive flavour and cut-through refreshment through the unique blends of bittersweet British cider apples from our Herefordshire orchards. The cider is made from a blend of bittersweet cider and culinary apples making it a well-rounded, balanced cider with a good mix of fresh apples and cidery flavour.

Strongbow Dark Fruit (4.0%)
Crisp Strongbow cut with a blend of dark fruit Harnessing the crisp, masculine refreshment of Strongbow Original, Strongbow Dark Fruit offers an easy-drinking combination of Strongbow cider, cut with black currant and blackberry juices.

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